Banking and Finance

Our sound market knowledge is the key to providing our banking and finance lawyers with efficient and reliable legal advice on these areas.

Modern banking and finance law has many complexities, but we can assist every client with high quality advice on aspects of loans, security transactions, cross border business etc.

Our privity with financial institutions and most Cypriot banks makes the relationship of borrowers and lenders, guarantors and security providers confident that with our support their banking and financial affairs are protected.

Legal advice is provided to a wide variety of banking and financial transactions including:

  • accounts opening in any bank
  • preparation of documentation needed for every business
  • letters of credit
  • project finance
  • guarantees and securities
  • corporate debt management
  • insolvency
  • investments

Success and profit is the key for every business established either in the domestic or international environment. We can ensure that you will accomplish this with our assistance.