National and International Trademarks



A trademark may be comprised of names, words, logos, symbols, numbers, designs, images, shape of goods, colours, sounds and smells, or the combination of a number of these elements that create a sign.

This sign must be able to be represented graphically and its primary purpose is to be able (due to its distinct character) to distinguish goods and/ or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings.

Application for Registration

To register a trademark a lawyer licensed to practice law in Cyprus must be appointed to file a full application (in Greek) with the Trademarks Registrar, containing all relevant details, including the name, address and occupation of the applicant, the name and/or picture of the mark and a form signed by the applicant authorizing the lawyer to file the application (power of attorney).

International Trademarks

Cyprus is a member of both the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol, meaning that anyone that has a Registered national trademark in Cyprus can apply for its registration to all country members of the Madrid union (more than 60 countries).

Community Trademarks

Legal Partners is constantly undertaking the registration of trademarks in Cyprus either national applications, international applications or European applications (Community Trademarks-CTM).

Legal framework Trademarks in Cyprus are governed by:

  • The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
  • The World Intellectual Property Organization Convention
  • The Madrid Protocol
  • The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
  • EU directives and regulations
  • The Trademarks Law (Cap 268)
  • Case law