The Cyprus Benefit


As a gateway to Eastern Europe
As a gateway to the European Union
As a gateway to the Middle East
As a gateway to efficiency and low costs

Cyprus offers a flexible environment for the registration, establishment and operation of Cypriot and international companies. After the incorporation of Cyprus in the EU in 2004 and the adoption of the Euro in 2008, attractive opportunities have been created for company tax planning strengthening also the relationships with the West and East European Countries, Middle East, Russia, USA, China due to its positioning which offers easy access. For this reason, it has been claimed that Cyprus is regarded as a low tax jurisdiction.

Cyprus has signed and ratified treaties with many countries such as:
Austria, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, France, India, Russia, Singapore, UK, USA and others.

Most importantly the advantages for establishing a company in Cyprus are:

  • lowest corporate tax rate of 10% which is the lowest in Europe
  • Cyprus has signed and ratified a variety of double taxation treaties with a number of countries all over the world
  • Efficient and transparent Cyprus tax legislation
  • Reasonable and fair operating costs and company incorporation fees
  • Provides an attractive holding company jurisdiction
  • Tax on dividends paid to shareholders who are not tax residents in Cyprus is exempted
  • For capital gains or revenue gains obtained as a result of a disposal of shares there is no tax
  • No tax on international trusts

These tax incentives promote the foreign investments and secure also a favorable environment for Cypriot and international firms.

Chrysanthi Varnava & Co LLC has the expertise to give all the relevant legal and professional advice to any company interested to register and operate in Cyprus.