Employment relationships and Labour Law

Our office can effectively represent or give advice to employers or employees protecting in that way business interests and employee’s rights respectively.

Legislative instruments of Cyprus Labour Law which govern certain aspects of an employment relationship are well known and well apprehended by our lawyers. We can advice people on recruitment, on the terms of contract of employment, equal opportunities at work, data protection matters e.t.c.

Employee’s rights must be fully respected and observed by employers like the right to have notice of termination, reasons for termination, rate of payments, hours of work, annual leave and much more.

Aspects that can give right to an employee to file a claim before an Industrial Tribunal include matters with trade unions, industrial action, grounds of discrimination including unequal treatment and sexual harassment, maternity and family leave rights and benefits, termination of employment and unjustified dismissal claims, redundancy and compensation claims, and any other claims arising out of the contract of employment which lead to an unjustified and illegitimate aims.

Have your rights protected by a team of law people who know the law and the procedure either through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms which include direct negotiations with employers or directly through a claim before the Industrial Tribunal.